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Create Mindful 'Do You' Lists Too

We've all written To Do lists, but how many of us also write mindfully generated Do You lists? Not many I'm guessing, as we're so consumed with the management of our external worlds that our inner worlds are all too often overlooked and neglected.

So, what's a Do You list?

It's a simple device to help encourage you into taking more care of your inner self and mindset growth. Like anything else in life, the more you practise this technique the more automatic it'll eventually become. Here's how you can help yourself.

When writing out your next To Do list, create two columns instead: one for the task that needs to be remembered and completed, and the other for how you're going to Do You whilst completing that task, for example:

TO DO: Collect dry cleaning

DO YOU: Listen to calming soundscapes whilst en route, to decompress instead of stress

TO DO: Compile the weekly/monthly shopping list

DO YOU: Express gratitude for having the means to buy nutrients, and never being hungry

TO DO: Cut the grass, tidy shed, dump run

DO YOU: Commune with nature and optimise your time away from sedantry screen time

TO DO: Workout

DO YOU: Feel empowered and confident in your increasingly healthy body

TO DO: Ironing

DO YOU: Expand your mind with podcasts and TED Talks

TO DO: Housework

DO YOU: Elevate your energy by dancing and singing as you go; create a joyful clean space

These are just a few examples, but you really can apply the mindfulness principle to anything. Please feel free to email me if you feel stuck and I'll gladly help you out, because it can take a while to find or create a new groove.

The Do You principle is about bringing out the best of yourself in every situation, because we are all eternal works in progress, we are all works of art in the making. How can you add love and value to what you're doing, whilst beautifying your environment and the energy within and around you? How can you exist less on mindless autopilot and live more in the mindful moments?

Perhaps when you open your eyes in the morning and review your day head, endeavour to not just focus on the physical, material world realities, but also review how to Do You whilst going about your day. How and where can you grow, empower, refine, enhance, strengthen and enrich yourself (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically - not just financially)? How can you evolve into a better version of yourself, by the time you close your eyes to sleep?

Maybe try and look at every task or chore as merely one side of a coin, and your challenge is to either find or create a Do You means of personal growth and optimisation (to represent the other side of the coin). Why not give it a go? It can't hurt, it can only help and it's free to try.

I hope this little nugget of a life hack adds value to your life and well-being, have fun with it, add value to your daily potential and just generally be as awesome as possible.

Until the next time, let's make shift happen!

Karan x




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