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About Karan

Karan is divorced. Never in a million years did she expect to be divorced, because she had married Perfect Steve, and had meant every last syllable of her wedding vows.

Karan and the kids 2013

Whilst slowly unravelling in some suspected midlife crisis, Steve embarked upon an affair with Karan's best friend and started jumping up and down on his self-destruct button. The marriage collapsed and died, whilst the once happy and devoted family was blown apart. Karan grieved for her losses, to begin with.

You see, Karan is a CBT and NLP Life Coach by day, so she couldn't help but take her own medicine and heed her own advice. With two emotionally assaulted young children to navigate through a hellscape of poverty and homelessness, Karan had to dig deep into her reserves of inner strength, to not only survive, but ultimately prevail.

For too long, Karan's own potential had been buried like a seed under a pile of slabs, starved of all that she'd needed to grow. Once life had unfurled enough to reveal how Steve had bestowed his problems on her nemesis, Karan was finally free to blossom in her own right, and to eventually become too relieved to grieve.

As an intensely private person, Karan has dragged her vulnerabilities kicking and screaming into the light for the first time in her life, specifically to write Too Relieved To Grieve, and specifically to help you. Walking the walk, Karan has had to grow through what she went through and wants to help you do the same.

This alternative heartbreak handbook is a call to arms for anyone who's had their life smashed and splattered by the callous misdeeds of others. Karan rose from the ashes to eventual triumph, and this is how she did it.

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