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Too Relieved To Grieve

Book Reviews

This is how Too Relieved To Grieve is changing hearts and minds and lives, for everyone alike.

Reviews sourced from Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn & private messages/emails etc.

Too Relieved To Grieve Book Reviews

This Book Has Changed How I Think Forever!!!



OMG this book!


I felt wrung out by the end. I laughed, cried, shouted at the pages and nearly threw the book across the room. But then I cheered at the end and cried again. I just couldn’t put it down, it’s so compelling and heartbreaking to read. I just don’t know how the author stayed sane.

This book has really helped me deal with a seriously bad breakup and I think everyone should read it if they’ve been hurt. The life coaching advice is worth the cost of the book alone! I just can’t believe what they went through *smh*.

An Amazing Account Of Personal Resilience, Inspirational, Practical Advice For The Heartbroken



You can't believe what Karan the author went through in this horrendous account, you keep thinking surely not as you turn the pages and it was hard at times to remind yourself this actually happened to her and it wasn't just a story. It was a brave extremely personal account into what she experienced and how she came out the other side and an great example of how she has made what seamed the end of her world into an amazing successful life. I found myself willing her on as I turned the pages and at the end of the book let out a cheer alongside a 'you go girl'! It inspired me that out of great adversary good things will happen and I have recommended this book and also brought it for gifts for several friends! Thank you Karan for writing this and I'm sure it will help so many who unfortunately have experienced similar experiences and show them that it is possible to get through whatever life throws at you and come out the other side.

Men Can Read This Too!



Anyone with a broken heart needs to read this. Although the author is a woman, the advice she gives is just as helpful to men too. Basically anyone whose suffered a painful breakup will be helped by reading this book.

I can’t believe how much she and her kids went through and still came out on top.
Most people would of been crushed with only half of it, and her ex is lucky she thinks like she does!

There’s a good amount of practical advice to go with how to deal with horrible exes. I got through this fast and couldn’t put it down. A brilliant book and I would highly recommend it. It helped me loads and I’m a bloke with a horrible ex-wife.

A Tuly Inspirational Book Written By A Truly Inspirational Woman


A truly inspirational book written by a truly inspirational woman! I would highly recommend to anyone that is going through the heartache of a painful break up. It’s full of practical as well as emotional advice and the true story line is absolutely gripping. Amazing work Karan, you are a champion!

Inspirational Help For The Heartbroken, Wronged and Downtrodden



A heartbreaking, but uplifting, true story, designed to help anyone going through the hell that is (or can be) a relationship bust-up. Lots of emotional and spiritual advice for the broken-hearted, as well as the practical (e.g.: dealing with creditors, solicitors etc).

A mother’s triumph over emotional and financial adversity, with the message Don’t get mad, get even! - but without loading yourself with karmic debt!

How Karan held it together throughout this stormy period in her life (and her children’s lives) is astounding.

As she says: “Be strong, be great and don’t stop until you win!”

You Won't Be Able To Put This Down!


As said in other reviews, this is a book that you need a "Do not Disturb" sign on the door for. Once you begin this book you won't be able to put it down. This is a brutally honest book from the very start and it will make you Cry, laugh and it will also provoke rage so be prepared for that!

Karan has shown great strength - this book will show you how and why and it will also inspire you to do the same in the face of such betrayal and gut wrenching deceit.

It seems that some women when betrayed set out to harm and destroy - a natural reaction to a degree. But surely the Phoenix like approach that Karan so magnificently demonstrates in all areas of her life is truly the way to go.

Highly recommended! Read it!

Too Relieved To Grieve... Could Not Be A More Apt Title If It Tried!



Just wow!!


This book gives all the feels - heartbreak, laughter, and wit to full on ‘snot bubbles’!


I totally recommend this book to anyone that is going or has been through a similar situation or anyone who like me just wants to read an inspiring life changing story of triumph by an equally inspiring author.

Massively Helpful!


I loved this book... so searingly honest, acutely raw in places, but pulls no punches and wastes no time in getting you back on track when the worst (or best!) has happened and a fresh start is needed... top job, Karan!

Going Through Hell? Go Shopping For This Book Now!



Heartbreaking. Anger. Hurting. Helpless. Fear. Need. Lost love. Real. Sensitive. Caring. Bold. Strong. Down right hilarious. Comforting. Relief. Pride and Proud. Family values.


The emotions that you go through in this book are immense. A daily manual from tears of sadness to absolute and utter pride for Karan. This read has it all!! Too many people have gone through this, and not enough people know how to get out of this.


However, Karan has shown, not only the light in your personal tunnel, but the full blown sunshine, that it waiting for you at the end. Buy it. Read it. Inwardly digest it. Learn from it. Find that light. Cause when it hits you Grab the sun glasses as it blinds you!! A truly inspiring and amazing piece of writing.

The Must Read Guide For Anyone Who Cannot See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel!

C. R. 


Wow. This book completely swept me away. The ultimate guide to help you navigate the most heart wrenching situations. An absolute must read to anyone experiencing difficulties in their life, that they cannot see an end to. Written in such a personal way, an inspirational book from an inspirational author x

You Won't Be Able To Put This Book Down!



A heart wrenching story of a woman with all life odds and more stacked against her and her kids who comes through and rises like the proverbial Phoenix.


I cried, raged and laughed periodically throughout!

This Is An Excellent Example Of How To Turn Your Life Around After Heartache And Adversity


I thoroughly enjoyed reading Too Relieved To Grieve, it takes a lot of courage to bare your soul to strangers and that is what new author, Karan Scott has done. This book is aptly subtitled ‘An Alternative Heartbreak Handbook’ and Karan has achieved her objective of providing sound, practical and emotional guidance for people who find themselves in life changing situations.


Despite having lived through the breakdown of her marriage, supporting two very young, confused children, struggling to provide food, heat and shelter for them and then to relive it all again when writing this book is truly amazing. Whilst the content of the book is indeed sad and serious, Karan has injected sarcasm and a great deal of humour which caused me to laugh out loud on many occasions. Karan Scott, Life Coach and Mentor can now add Author to her Curriculum Vitae.


I loved it.

Inspirational & Empowering!



An absolutely inspiring must read, for anyone that is going through the break up of a relationship or that has generally been made to feel less than they are by someone they have trusted.

This is truly one of the most empowering and beautifully written books that I have read.

Never Stop Believing In Yourself!



I loved this book, very easy to read!


Amazing how someone can pick themselves up and become a winner despite others trying to bring them down!




What a truly inspiring, empowering & amazing lady Karan is! It is such a personal heartfelt story and I couldn't put the book down. I wanted Karan to accomplish everything she out to do. Brilliant!

Read This



A really good book. Highly recommended. xx

Fantastic book


Really good book, would recommend to anyone going through a tough time in a relationship or generally in life. Gives you the motivation to say you can do it! Anything is possible and achievable!

Onwards And Upwards Girl!



I read your book. I found it hard to read in places. Not because of how it's written, just the full force of the emotions it's written with.

I can't fathom where you found the strength from to go on day by day, but one thing I will say is, your children have a strong and empowered mother, whom I'm sure are extremely proud of you. xx

Clear Your Diary!



Clear your diary for once you have a copy of this book you won’t be able to put it down!!

A guidebook for anyone who has been let down in life and love.



I ran the gamut of emotions reading this, can highly recommend.

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