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Too Relieved To Grieve

The Alternative Heartbreak Handbook

My mindset journey through Hell to triumph

After almost six years in the unravelling, and eighteen months in the writing and editing, Karan Scott's long awaited handbook is finally here, to help you through your heartbreak.

Chronicling the gradual degradation of her once sublime and happy marriage, Too Relieved To Grieve lays bare the pain, failings and complacency at the root of her marital breakdown, before charting Karan's eventual rise through adversity.

Too Relieved To Grieve | The Alternative Heartbreak Handbook by Karan Scott


Described as "brave in its heartbreaking and relentless honesty" and a "searing portrait in pain and eventual supremacy", Too Relieved To Grieve has been written as a handbook to help those suffering from their own relationship breakdowns.

This book is here to guide you through many of the common pitfalls we can tumble into when our lives implode, and to show you a better way - a way to help you get what you want, and to help get you what you deserve.


Don't give up,  don't self-medicate, don't wallow in self-pity.


Rise up like a phoenix from the ashes of your past, and ignite the flames of your future. Too Relieved To Grieve will show you how Karan did just that, so you can too.

Your new - stronger - beginning starts here.

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