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Personal Life Coaching with Karan Scott

Life Coaching is a highly effective personal development tool, in which you will be encouraged and empowered to reach your full potential, to fulfill your dreams, to create your own successes, and to stop being held prisoner by your own fears, insecurities and lack of self-confidence. In a nut shell, Life Coaching seeks to get you out of your head and actively pursuing your goals. Life Coaching will help you get things done and get things changed for the better!

Typically, Life Coaching will help you take control in areas of your life such as your career options, work-life balance, relationships, life choices (i.e.: diet, fitness, habits, ingrained behaviour & thought patterns), and your overall self-confidence to change what's not working for you.


There will be a great deal of work encompassing the philosophy of change your thinking, change your reality - because nothing changes, if nothing changes!  We can get you on the right track mentally quickly enough, but you'll get run over if you just sit there! You must do to be.


As your personal Life Coach, I will hold you accountable for the work you agree to do to reach your goals, so if you truly know what you want, and are prepared to work hard, the only limits are those you choose to impose upon yourself.

Karan Scott uses Active Listening techniques | Enquiries: 01536 601749


Your Life Coach can also take on a more active listening role, in which searching questions are asked so you may discover your own true strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The Life Coach's role may change from session to session, in accordance with your development requirements at the time. The coaching process is as fluid and flexible as you require it to be. It will be your own personalised development plan.

We will work as a team, based on mutual trust and respect, to challenge old ways of thinking, current patterns of behaviour, self-esteem and confidence levels. The working partnership may highlight areas where additional learning may be beneficial, or a new skill set is required to supercharge your full potential.


Life Coaching sessions will often include challenging processes, and should in no way be mistaken for a tea and sympathy session; you have too much you want to accomplish!




Question: Do you feel stuck, stagnant, lost or generally bleurgh?

If so, then yes, Life Coaching can help you. We will dig down to find out exactly what's going on and why. Once armed with this knowledge, we will be able to chart your progress onwards and upwards. All journeys begin in the exact spot you're standing in, and with the taking of a single deliberate step forwards. Let's start!

If you answered no to feeling stuck and stagnant, but are feeling energised, motivated and inspired, then that's great - let's channel your energy and ideas and turn them into reality. Let's optimise your full potential, let's see just how far you can go, with a little support and direction!


Well, starting is the first step towards success, so you need to start.

Empower yourself and decide this is where your new beginning begins; where the new you is born. Take ownership of your future and choose to believe - and then invest - in yourself. No one has ever improved their lives simply by wishing for it. Seize the day, start now!!

Melissa's kind words of recommendations for Karan Scott | Enquiries: 01536 601749

Melissa W.     |     Kettering      |      Life Coaching Client

I've known Karan now for almost 2 years and during that time she has had such a radical affect on my life.


Karan exudes positivity and it's most definitely contagious! It's in her nature to turn any obstacle, or any "negative" situation, into a challenge with a positive outcome.


Although I do not own a business, Karan has enabled me to look at my own career, and make changes in that area to benefit myself and my family. The advice that Karan has given me has undeniably changed the way that I look and feel towards challenges and struggles large or small. I feel as if I could conquer anything now!


I highly recommend Karan if you need a good kick up the arse - she most certainly gave me mine!

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