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Karan Scott Coaching | Making Shift Happen

You cannot control your thoughts.


Sure, you can wrestle your thoughts by deploying 'The Power of Positive Thinking' and the like, but you cannot prevent which thoughts enter your consciousness in the first place. The good news is, you don't have to, but you do need to neutralise these thoughts and see them for what they truly are; no more than dynamic creative energy, which you have perhaps unconsciously imbued with the power to hurt and hinder you.

You don't have to put up with this, there is another way.

An Invitation

I'm inviting you to come and have a conversation with me, so that I may explain how you can make your shift happen, and why you don't have to be held hostage by the random thoughts that rock up in your mind.

Your job during our conversation is three-fold: 1) You must intend to be impacted, which is to say open minded and ready to implement a new way, 2) You must make a sincere commitment to yourself, vowing to stay present in the conversation; mindfully engaged and averse to distractions, and 3) You must keep your head in the game, remaining fully committed to your ongoing personal development; both inside and outside of our conversation.

My job is to elicit insights from you, to help you see what's not previously been seen. I'm going to help you realise the possible futures you've dreamed for, because you're going to be understanding everything more from the inside-out, once we've finished. You'll see what I mean once we begin.

Karan Scott Coaching | Making Shift Happ

Let Me Ask You This...

As a metaphor for your life and associated thinking processes to date, imagine a big bowl of murky water for me please. 

How would you make the water clear again? Some people have suggested boiling it, but that would only leave us with hot murky water. We could filter it of course, if we had all of the necessary knowledge and equipment at our disposal, but there's an easier, less labour intensive method - circling the bleeding bloody obvious - which is to let it settle. And our minds work in much the same way. 

We live in a 24/7/365, on-demand, instant messaging world, which turns at an increasingly frenetic pace. How often does your head spin with a multitude of tasks, challenges, promises and obligations to meet? Pretty often I'm betting, because I used to be the same. Now however, since my own Thought Shift, things have changed for the better. When life throws me a challenge, which I would have overthought to the nth degree in the past, I can now resist the temptation to keep picking at it, agitating it and oftentimes making things worse; in the stress and anxiety sense.


How do you get to this place for yourself? By accepting my invitation and having a conversation. I'll explain everything then, because there's a fair amount to discuss, and you're likely to have questions, scenarios and metaphors of your own to process with me - so let's do it!

Our Appointment

Our appointment(s) will need to be longer than my standard coaching sessions, simply because an hour isn't long enough, this process can't be rushed and we have a lot to get through. So I'm suggesting two hour power sessions, so we can take our time, delve deeply into a process which is going to empower, enrich and improve your thinking for the rest of your life. 

Karan Scott Coaching | Two Hour Power Sessions

Would you like to book now? Please complete the form below and I will get back to you ASAP to reserve your appointment.

Thanks for submitting!

Should you have any questions in respect of our Thought Shift conversation, please feel to ask in the 'Add a message' section above and I'll be happy to answer your query.

If your thoughts are excessively challenging for you at the moment, please don't feel stuck because there is a way and I'm looking forward to helping you soon.

Karan Scott

NLP Practitioner & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Coach

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