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The Best Christmas Present You Could Ever Open Is A More Evolved Self

Why not crowdfund your evolution this Christmas?
Why not crowdfund your evolution this Christmas?

Have you seen the recent news reports which suggest that, due to a shortage of drivers and workers, the UK is likely to experience a shortage of Christmas related goods to include turkey, Christmas trees, fesitive lights, home furnishings and even clothing?

But do you know how I categorise all of this 'Breaking News', heathen that I am? Stuff. It's all just stuff. Don't gasp, think. If there genuinely is a turkey shortage (and it's not just a manufactured rumour promoted by turkey farmers to manipulate market forces) then eat chicken, or a toasted cheese sandwich. After all, having turkey for Christmas dinner is purely a man-made tradition. Where is it written that turkey it must be? Who decided that?

And if toys truly are still wrapped in a steel shipping container off the port of Felixstowe, then whose life is seriously going to be jeopardised by having a nine new toy tally, rather than a ten new toy tally on Christmas morning? It's all about perspective. To be concerned about widespread food and medical supply shortages is one legitimate worry, but hysteria over a temporary lack of pigs-in-blankets is absurd.

The sky is not going to fall in if we're forced to rein in our obscene consumerism for a bit. Can you imagine what our (great) grandparents would think of this, having endured actual food rationing, austerity and doom during the war? As a society, we really do need to get a grip and focus on what's truly important: our selves. Which brings me to my point.

The best Christmas present you could ever open is a more evolved self. Why? Because, first and foremost, you is where you live, and where you engage with yourself 24/7/365, so why not make it a lovely, wonderful and serene place to be? Let me reframe this for a sec.

Have you ever moved into a house and completely redecorated, or at least adorned it with your personal touches and taste? How many of us would be entirely happy to move into a place and live with the old tastes and expectations of other people? Truthfully, would you? But there is a whole host of people walking around with the empty, bottomless opinions and expectations of others, needlessly littering the inside of their heads - simply because they've never had a clear out, a revamp or even been taught how.


This is why I'm suggesting you make yourself a priority this potentially turkey-free Christmas.

Crowdfund your continuing evolution this Christmas
Crowdfund your continuing evolution this Christmas

How about, rather than contributing to our disposable and designed obsolescence society, you invest in the greatest asset you own: yourself?

What if, rather than raking in more stuff you don't actually need, you respectfully ask your loved ones for donations towards your continuing evolution; be it a vocational training course, gym membership, a much needed home decluttering, simplication and organisational service, a creative writing class and yes of course, mindset and life coaching sessions? Something, anything that'll help reveal and enhance the full potential of the real you, rather than just making you smell nice from token gifts wrapped in unrecyclable packaging? This year, maybe ask for something of real value, which will last until your end of days.

If your Great Aunt Mabel usually buys you a £5 tub of chocolates for Christmas (or birthday), you may wish to consider asking her to contribute that £5 towards your continuing evolution (i.e.: your round-the-world trip, rocket science for beginners course, life coaching or entrepreneurial side hustle). Whatever it is you need to finally become the best version of yourself, a contribution towards that is by far and away more valuable to you than the alternative dust collecting stuff that's soon to be coming at you.

It's just a thought.

Merry Halloweenmas Eve!

Karan x


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