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Make Like An Eagle And Rise Above

Did you know that eagles are able to sense an impending storm, long before the lightening cracks and the thunder rolls?

The eagle will then fly to a high vantage point and wait for the tempest to arrive. When the weather eventually pounds down, the eagle will optimise its wing alignment, to allow the winds to lift it above the storm clouds. The eagle doesn't accept the bracing adversity, it harnesses the adversity to propel its ascent, to lift it higher. So why don't you make like an eagle and soar?

What difficulties are you currently dealing with right now? Are you sensing an incoming disturbance of some kind, in your world soon? What can you do to harness the challenge or adversity you're facing, and turn it around, so that it lifts you higher?

If you need some help finding a way to soar above your own storm clouds, and optimising any adversity to your own advantage, please don't hesitate to contact me, because I'm here to help.

Karan | 01536 601749 - voicemail


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