101 Life Hacks To Enhance Your New Year

I collect Life Hacks because I love creative thinking and genius-inspired problem solving, so I thought I'd curate and compile a list for you.

See what you think, there are some real gems in here. Take what resonates with you and discard the rest. There are nine key categories: Habits, Health, Money, Productivity, Random, Relationships, Sleep, Studying and Weight Loss.


1. Make bad habits difficult to accomplish, i.e.: if you're watching too much TV, make a habit of keeping the remote at the back of a top shelf in your wardrobe.

2. Get into the habit of drinking a big glass of water (with lemon) first thing every morning, to re-hydrate your brain and body. You'll be amazed.

3. Park as far away from the door as possible to increase your daily step count, and take the stairs...obviously.

4. Stand up and stretch on the hour, every hour. Set an alarm if you need to. Your mind and body need the regular breaks.

5. Sit still and in silence for a few moments every day (ideally a minimum of 20 minutes a day). You can't see through boiling water, or "busy brain", so let yourself settle periodically to achieve clarity.

6. Get into the "Brain Dump" habit every night. Write down whatever comes to mind. Don't analyse it to death, don't edit, just get it out, so your subconscious mind knows it can let it go, because it's been dealt with and you'll now remember.

7. Create a personal mantra, i.e.: "I'm strong and capable and I can master anything", or "This too shall pass", and then repeat it to yourself in times of stress or crisis.

8. Who do you admire and why? What would they do in your situation? Get into the habit of asking yourself: "WW___ D?" (What Would ________ Do?), and then respond as you believe they would.

9. Get into the habit of responding to invitations with a polite "I'll check my calendar". Stop committing yourself to situations you don't want because you're unable/unwilling to say "No thank you" from the outset. This one Life Hack gives you wiggle room to make a considered decision, rather than a reflexive reaction.


10. Remove splinters from hands by soaking them in water for 30 minutes, or applying ZamBuk to a hard to reach/soak area, and covering with a plaster/bandage for a day or two.

11. Check out the health benefits of Oil Pulling: from toothache, gum disease, sore throats, mouth ulcers, sinus congestion and even bad breath.

12. To cool your core body temperature down, run cold running water over your wrists.

13. When you have a stomachache, lay on your left side and rub your abdomen in clockwise circles.

14. Apply a heated teaspoon to a mosquito bite to quell the itching.

15. Eat 10-12 almonds to relieve a headache naturally.

16. Instantly heal paper cuts by applying Chapstick over them.

17. Leave your bike in plain sight, where you can see it clearly every day. Then, rather than taking the car, use your bike instead wherever possible, to improve fitness, help the environment and reduce your fuel costs.


18. If you're trying to curb your spending, don't touch anything whilst out and about. You're more likely to buy it if you touch it.

19. Pay insurance premiums annually wherever possible, because you're often charged a fee to pay them monthly.

20. Make a meal plan, before writing a shopping list each week, and only buy what you need. This reduces cost and waste.

21. Plan your weekly meal plan around the items/ingredients on sale. Use the online store app to check prices and special offers, to help you plan your meals. Learn which day of the week your preferred supermarket refreshes their offers, i.e.: Tesco refreshes their offers on a Tuesday, so if you create your meal plan on a Monday, your offers and prices could be incorrect.

22. Drink more water. Not only is it better for you mentally and physically, it's also cheaper than tea and coffee.

23. Create a household budget detailing your income (in black), and your planned expenditure (in red). This will help you ensure bills are paid, whilst helping you to anticipate your monthly disposable income. Review and update your actual income and expenditure on a daily or weekly basis, to keep your mind focused on your financial situation. This will help reduce unnecessary expenditure. The numbers you focus on improve.

24. In c