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Instead Of Breaking

We know that life tests and teaches us; that we are on a journey of growth, discovery and development. Those who (somewhat lazily) fall back onto the redundant adage of you can't teach old dogs new tricks, have failed to understand that we are forever malleable, always capable of reshaping who we are. Likewise, our potential is not limited by anything, other than what we choose to accept.

The secret is to take the heat of life and use it positively to shape who we want to be, and remain as fluid, malleable and flexible as possible. Once you allow yourself to become set in your thoughts, behaviours and choices, the only way to change is to break.

Instead of Breaking

The glassblower knows:

while in the heat of the beginning,

any shape is possible.

Once hardened, the only way

to change is to break.

- Mark Nepo

Another strong truism to remember is that we have the power and entitlement to hit the reset button at any time; we can begin again and reboot at will. Too many people face their futures with unnecessary resignation, believing their path has been concreted and fenced.

The number of people I have spoken with who have stated a variation of “...if only I was 10 years younger I would...” Sound familiar? Well, why not start now? These are limits you have accepted...why? More often than not, fear is the Bogeyman of choice; fear of beginning again, fear of the hard work required, fear of ridicule, fear of failure – even fear of success! Self-inflicted illusions and limitations all.

Illusions can only exist in the minds of those who choose to believe in them, otherwise it's all a question of misdirection, apparition and assumption. Dismiss the smoke and mirrors, challenge your own thinking and ask yourself why – and then why that's why. I believe there will be little or no substance behind your self-limiting thoughts and choices. Of course you will have to be brutally honest with yourself, and require a degree of courage to acknowledge the answers you bring forward; but you can do it. If you would like some help with this, call me.

Remain supple with all that life throws at you, allow it to positively shape you for your journey forwards - and if you don't like where you currently are, or are currently headed, adjust your sails and head off in another direction. In the heat of the beginning, any shape is possible. You are not stuck, you are not a planted, rooted tree. This is not how it has to be. You have the power to decide for yourself this is not how your story will end. You are not too old, too frail, too inexperienced, uneducated or anything other than what you choose to accept as true. If you want the dream job but didn't get O'level maths at school, take an evening class and get on with it! Your excuses have only served to keep you small and locked in your own cell of illusion – and the door's not even locked, you just closed it behind yourself and your assumptions took hold.

If you would like some help kicking in the doors of your illusions, or exploding a glass ceiling you feel hanging over your head, please do call me on 01536 601749 and we'll get started right away. If you prefer, you are more than welcome to drop me an email via my Let's Talk! page, and I'll get back to you ASAP. Whatever you choose to do, don't choose to stay stuck, because you don't have to be.

Chat soon

Karan x


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