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Life Is Always Moving Forward

At the risk of confirming my decrepitude, I found myself remembering the hoo-haa created when CDs first came onto the market in ye olden times, and people were told they could smear jam over their discs and they would still play. No, I never did fall for this because, in my experience, CDs and latterly DVD's, are precious little darlings that require a kind word and lots of warm hugs before they'll release the goodies!

I do remember marveling at the non-vinyl-scratchy sounds and wondering how technology could ever improve on this perfection. I always longed for the day when spending (what felt like) 16 weeks making a mixed tape were long gone, and we could compile our own mixed CDs for the car etc. For those of you reading this too young to remember cassette tapes... shut up and go to your room! <<Chuckle>

As soon as I became sufficiently computer literate and the software widely available, I was away burning my CDs all over the place. I even had a 10 disc player for the car at one point, which would randomise the tracks for me - bliss! NOW how could technology improve on this?!

And then along came the Apple iPod, and my prayers were answered. No more walking around with a gigantic CD Walkman strapped to my back, or being pulled behind me in a trailer - this little beauty could be strapped to my arm whilst I jogged! As an avid marathon runner and keep fit fanatic [cough], this meant no skipping or jumping of tracks, as I skipped and jumped my way to the chocolate shop! I really do wonder how I lived without an iPod, they're amazing and I love mine fervently.

So what other gadgets and gizmo's would render my life less pleasant, if they were to ever be de-invented? Well, I love my iPad with an adoration that exceeds what is commonly considered healthy. God bless Steve Jobs...and let's leave it at that, otherwise this is going to smell like an Apple advert! Kindle is another gadget I enjoy more than I thought I would, to be honest. Generally speaking, I prefer the good ole' traditional book, but Kindle definitely has its place at Scott-Towers for sure.

As far as the kitchen is concerned I love - LOVE! - dishwashers and washing machines. As a family unit, I would literally spend my life washing up, or beating clothes against a rock. Either way, my hands would end up as wrinkly masses of flaky arm ends - too horrible to contemplate. And God bless the inventor of smoke detectors, for not only saving millions of lives every year from smoke inhalation or worse, but for the invaluable service they provide me with each and every meal time, by informing me when dinner is ready!

I am thankful for air conditioning, particularly in hotel rooms and cars, as a heatwave + young children + long car journey = babbling parents being taken away in a fetching jacket that does up at the back! I am also thankful for having a rather lovely camera to record my children growing up, as well as affording me a creative and therapeutic hobby.

So, there are a few of mine. What everyday gadgets and gizmo's render your life more pleasing and comfortable? Do tell...

PS: One gadget that can be de-invented, as far as I'm concerned, is the entire concept and back catalogue of epilators; I am not a fan. Ice packs, schmice packs, they make no difference. I think they should be banned under the terms of the Geneva Convention, because they are cruel and unusual. But that's just my opinion, what do you think? Which gadget would you have de-invented, or banned?


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