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What Are You Planting?

Life is very much like a field. You can plant anything you want in it, and it will return to you whatever you plant.

Imagine a farmer who goes out into the field with a little seed of corn and another seed of poison ivy. He digs two little holes, plants the seeds, and takes care of both plants equally; and both plants will grow.

But here's the point: the land doesn't care. The land will return poison ivy in just as much wonderful abundance as it will return corn.

The question is: what are you planting?

Are you deliberately planting thoughts, decisions and actions that are related to new goals you want to experience?

Or are you planting thoughts, indecision and inaction that will keep you growing whatever you're currently harvesting?

Are you planting enthusiasm, excitement and confidence in new ideas? Or are you planting fear, anxiety and worry about things that you're worried might take place?

Remember: the land doesn't care.

What are you planting?


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