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Your Beliefs Rule Your World

The only difference between these two notes is your belief that one has more value than the other.

Now the pedantic will cite the Bank of England banknotes are a cotton-paper composite (or increasingly polymer as 2017 unfolds), whilst the Monopoly money is literally cheap printed paper and ink - but I'm asking you think in bigger and more abstract terms than that. See past the end of your nose for a moment.

Value of composition aside, the truism stands. We have applied real, material value to the banknote, and so it is valuable. What else is afforded such deference I wonder?

It is also true that your beliefs rule your world. Everything you think about yourself - good or bad - will become your reality, because you give those beliefs the oxygen of life by continuing to think them, and leave them unchallenged. Whatever you believe becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy; until that is, you do eventually challenge your own thinking and deeply instilled beliefs. I'll give you a personal example.


A friend of mine, Chrissie, wanted some shelves putting up. Chrissie didn't have the funds to employ a professional carpenter, nor did she have any personal experience of putting shelves up to fall back on. We got chatting about Chrissie's overall frustration, and she asked me if I could put the shelves up. I reflexively laughed and explained that I was in the same boat as she was; I'd never put shelves up either. Then it hit me in the head: Why can't I put up shelves? Who decreed that putting up shelves was beyond the scope of my ability? The answer of course Nowhere on my birth certificate does it state that I cannot, should not nor ever will put up shelves. I have no physical impairment which would prevent, or complicate, my attempts to put up shelves. Dammit, I even have all the tools to do this, so why can't I put up these shelves?

Not one to be held hostage by anything or anyone, not least myself, I challenged my thinking in that instant. I pushed back against the false beliefs that had been secretly instilled in me, who knows when, or by whom? I have to say I got a little arsey about this, and immediately set out to prove myself wrong. Thankfully I have also been able to watch a master carpenter/joiner at work over the course of many years, and have learnt a great many lessons and techniques along the way. Using all of the knowledge I have acquired from the professional, those shelves went up quickly, easily, securely and above all, level! I smiled.


Whilst proud of my shelving accomplishments, my smile turned quickly to a contemplative frown as I began to calculate all the other ways in which I may have underestimated myself. What else have I told myself I cannot do, without any supporting evidence to validate the belief? This became an empowering revelation for me, as I quickly turned into the Tasmanian Devil of home DIY and maintenance. Have drill, will travel - there's no stopping me! [F.Y.I.: Fear not, my house isn't wall-to-wall shelving, in case you were wondering].

So, what is it that you believe you cannot do, and why do you believe that? What supporting evidence do you have? Of course we can take this to the nth degree, and you can state confidently that you cannot do brain surgery, drive an F1 racing car, or paint an exact replica of the Sistine Chapel. Granted. However, you could if you wanted to badly enough, and had what it takes to do what it takes, to train and become proficient. Back in reality however, I suspect these are not your goals. What are your goals; however big, small, challenging or immediately achievable they might be - do you even know what they are?

Going back to the banknote analogy; the Bank of England tenner has value because we give it its value. Our beliefs have value, because we give them the credence they need to survive. For my 21 years on earth [ahem], I believed I couldn't put up shelves, and because I continued to think and believe that, I didn't put up any damn shelves. Until the day I asked why not?


If you're serious about this, make a list of the things you would like to do, or have done. Then make a list of all the "reasons" you can't do them - be brutally honest with yourself. Sit in the quiet, be still, take your time and dig deeply into this next batch of questions: a) Why? b) Why not? c) Why not me? d) Why not now?

Your beliefs rule your world, but are your beliefs empowering your world, or are your beliefs dis-empowering your world? Are you overvaluing or undervaluing your beliefs? Are you giving your beliefs disproportionate power over you? Furthermore, do you believe and understand that you can change your reality, just by changing what and how you think? YOU have all the power, you need only realise this and activate it. If you feel you could benefit from a kick up the arse about your beliefs - in the context of this article - please do get in touch, as there's much we can do to help free your mind.

In the meantime, don't hesitate to get started on your Why Not? list, and the best of luck to you.

Karan x


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