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Which Word Will You Grow Into In 2017?

'Tis the time for New Year's resolutions but, as a sweeping generalisation, I don't like them. Too often people make their resolutions flippantly, and without any genuine intent to fuel their successful implementation; so they are more likely doomed to inevitable failure.

In my experience, too few people understand the value and power of positive affirmations, and subsequently phrase their resolutions negatively; i.e.: I will quit smoking, I will loose weight, I will stop drinking. All of these intentions involve giving something up; invariably something enjoyable, however counter-intuitive it may be to overall health, well-being and finances etc.

We also know that our subconscious mind would much rather we stay doing what we've always done, because to do something new requires effort, endeavour and work. We achieve nothing in our comfort zones though, so our subconscious mind is just waiting to pounce on any opportunity it finds, to sabotage our intentions. Our subconscious mind does this by deploying a series of nasty little tricks, like negative self-talk, i.e.: "Oh, what's the point? I will only put the weight back on again", or " won't hurt will it?" Sound familiar?

However, there are many of us who do understand the power of positive affirmations, and we have learnt to create powerful reinforcements, i.e.: I am a non-smoker, I am lean, strong and healthy. These intentions focus more on the benefits than the features and, more importantly, they are empowering, which affords a greater chance of success. So, I have an alternative suggestion for you during this New Year's resolutions season, which can snuggle quite beautifully with your non-smoking, lean strong and healthy successes. Here it is:

What one word would you choose to live into in 2017? What one word would you have to stretch into, grow into, to become?

Of course we are all focused on the transition between 2016 and 2017 right now, but think about it some more. You can lessen some of the pressure from yourself, as you have a number of options available. You can choose one word that may take you all year to achieve, or you could choose to break it down, if you prefer. You could always select a word a day, or week, or month. By doing this, you will be keeping this self-improvement device invigorated, by injecting fresh impetus into it more frequently, strengthening your enthusiasm, focus and chances of overall success. What do you think? Do you think this could work for you? What will your (first) word be?

The great motivational speakers and writers all tell us to write down our goals, as a means of intensifying our intent. As such, I am inviting you to either write your word of the year/day/week/month in the comments section below, or email me at, where I will check-in on your progress at the designated time, to find out how you're doing. I'm more than happy to be your Accountability Partner on this, if you'd like?

Whatever you choose to do - or not do - this New Year's Eve, may I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

Good luck, best wishes, be happy and be great!

Karan x


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