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The Meaning Of Life Is... Growth

There is a spiritual philosophy that teaches us how we design our own lives before we're born, which I thought I'd run past you for your thoughts.

To begin with, I think we can all agree that we're made up of mind, body and spirit. I think we can also agree, thanks to a large amount of scientific evidence, that everything in the universe is energy and, as such, vibrates at varying degrees of frequency.

Now that being said, the spiritual aspect of our being is pure energy, which can be photographed using Kirlian photography. Our spiritual energy also vibrates at varying degrees of frequency, depending on our mood, mindset and condition of health etc. When we experience our physical deaths, our spiritual energy lives on, and this is where the deeper philosophies start to get a lot more thought provoking.


Once we have died and our spirit has passed into the Spirit realm, we begin an evaluation process of our physical “earth walk”. There is a life review, and a time where the experiences we have brought upon others – good and bad – are now revisited upon us. This is the karmic circle. Simply put; the joy, love and compassion – or misery, betrayal and deceit – we have bestowed upon others during our earth walk, will now be bestowed upon us, only multiplied and magnified by a factor of nine. This is why we are encouraged to play nicely; what you sow, you will reap.

As our pure spirit selves in the Spirit realm, we have a choice about whether or not we would like to experience another earth walk; to reincarnate. Why would we choose to return for another earth walk? Okay, well let's put this in gaming terms. Imagine a scenario where your last incarnation was a joyous breeze; you were born into a healthy, wealthy and devoted family, you had the best care, education and opportunities, you met the love of your life and lived happily ever after. Your trials, challenges and tribulations were few, short-lived and comparatively easy to vanquish. All very lovely, but what did you learn?

This idealised scenario is the epitome of a comfort zone and, as I have said a million times before, comfort zones are great and restorative places to visit, but nothing ever grows there. As I have also said a million times before, we grow by overcoming the experiences we once thought we couldn't.


So, here you are now back in the Spirit realm, having had a great time during your joyous earth walk, but not actually having accrued many Experience Points. In a game, you're off on a mission, and must complete a sequence of tasks before you can level up (i.e.: ascend to the next level of the game). During your tasks, you are presented with opportunities to amass tools, weapons and potions etc, which will be available for you to use as the game goes on, and the further you progress. The more tools, weapons and potions you accumulate, the stronger, faster and indefatigable/successful you are able, and likely, to be. Your overarching goal is to ascend to the highest level possible. This is an analogy of life itself and as above, so below [further reading: Seven Principles of Hermeticism].

To ascend to the higher levels within the Spirit realm, we must achieve spiritual growth whilst alive on earth. When we choose to live more spiritual lives, our energies begin to vibrate at a higher frequency, and this in turn, strengthens our connection to the Spirit realm. So when we decide to reincarnate, we would be wise to set ourselves more challenges than ideals, because we're only cheating ourselves out of valuable Experience Points otherwise. There are so few Experience Points to be gained from an easy life. So how can we create a life where we spiritually grow enough to accumulate these invaluable Experience Points? Answer: blueprints.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom - Anais Nin


Now we all know that haters gonna hate, and they're entitled to their (anti-spirituality) opinion, as much as I am entitled to mine. However, that doesn't detract from the fact there are some seriously huge questions left wide open, when considering this particular spiritual philosophy. For the sake of expediency, I will address the largest of contentious questions: “Why would I myself an incurable disease/being raped, maimed or murdered?”

I have to admit to struggling with this question myself, especially when less-than-ideal circumstances have impacted on my life, or of those I love. However I do strongly believe that the truly awful and despicable aspects of life we all endure, are sent to make us stronger and/or teach us something. Which is precisely why they're sent to us.

I will concede that one of the hardest things we can ever do, is to see any positives in the worst grief-stricken, horrific or barbaric situations, but lessons and growth can be found in the very act of searching for them. Only the strong – or those choosing to become stronger – look for the positives when their lives are bleak. It's who you must become to overcome that gives you the growth and finds you the lessons. The alternative is to shrink and wither.


An alcoholic father raised twin sons. One son grew up to also be an alcoholic and when asked why, replied: “I watched my father”. The other son grew up and never drank alcohol. When asked why, replied: “I watched my father”.

Your perspective in life will determine your destination. Will you thrive or wither?



Our ancestors have died of diseases, many of which having been studied and understood, have now either been cured outright, or vaccines and treatments created. People have died in vehicle crashes, which as led to greater safety, design/manufacture and accountability. People like Dave Pelzer - A Child Called “It” - have suffered unimaginable abuse, neglect and torture, but now show us how to spread love and light, in some of humanity's darkest of corners. We can choose to learn and grow from what we experience, or not.

There is always more work to do, more lessons to learn, more growth to come. For any advancement, sacrifices must be made. To move forward, we must leave where we are. It is therefore my most respectful belief that those who have included great suffering in their blueprints, have nobly sacrificed themselves for the greater and higher good of humanity. This doesn't make it any less painful, but it does make them heroes.


Once we decide to reincarnate and begin a new earth walk, we first set about creating our blueprints for it. We then decide upon and detail i.e.: the parents/family we are going to be born to, and the kinds of experiences we wish to expose ourselves to, to promote our spiritual growth. The more challenges we set for ourselves, the more Experience Points we accumulate, the richer our growth, the higher our vibration, and the higher our ultimate spiritual ascendancy.

is why, during my mentoring sessions with some of my more spiritually awakened Clients, I so strongly advise them that they can overcome any difficulty – because they have sent the challenge to themselves during their blueprinting phase. If they set the challenge to promote growth, the solution must exist; if only they look in the right places for it.

By meditating and looking deeply enough within themselves, they will find the answers to whatever is challenging them, because their soul knows of the growth available during the process of overcoming. Our growth comes not from the challenges themselves, but who we must become in the process of overcoming them. Life is a life-long lesson in growth. The more life you live, the more opportunities you seek, the more Experience Points you accrue, the more tools, weapons and potions you have at your disposal, and the more abundantly success becomes available to you. By shrinking into a small and comfortable life, you're limiting your opportunities and ability to find success.


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