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What Is Your Motive For Action?

Let me get straight to my first point; immersion is the key to getting anything done.

Look at how we first learned to walk or talk as infants. We didn't just study the principles and techniques – how could we? Instead, we instinctively focused upon becoming mobile and communicative. We immersed ourselves into taking our first faltering steps, stuttering our first formative words; always persevering and gradually improving. By immersing ourselves – by steadily becoming so practiced and well versed, we eventually reached expert level – the very essence of jump and grow your wings on the way down!

What is it that drives us to begin, to begin with though? What is your personal motive for action, now you're fully grown and sentient? Tony Robbins believes there are six human needs that motive us; the first four of which he considers to be the needs of the personality, where we will find a way – any way – to satisfy them. The final two are spiritual needs, which must be met to achieve true fulfillment in our lives.


1. Certainty. We all love a good comfort zone, and on occasion that's fine, but how would you feel if you knew exactly what was going to happen, exactly when it was going to happen, by whom, for how long and exactly what the end result would be? How quickly before boredom would set in for you? So whilst a degree of certainty is admittedly a comforting attribute, too much certainty will (eventually) become stifling, limiting and monotonous.

2. Uncertainty. Variety is the spice of life, but we only tend to like the surprises that delight us. The surprises in life that delight us less, or not at all, we call problems – but they are essential for our continued growth nevertheless.

3. Significance. The third human need is that of significance, the need to feel important, special and unique, and we all have different ways of achieving this. Some may tattoo or pierce themselves, some may develop a business or talent, some may achieve their sense of significance through nurturing their family or via religion and spirituality: each to their own.

4. Connection and Love. Now this may be romantic and marital in nature, or platonic, familial or spiritual, but we all have a need for connection and love. It is true that some may settle only for a connection, as they consider the dynamics of love too terrifying or complicated, but at the end of the day no (wo)man is an island.

5. Growth. Bertrand Russell taught us: “The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper”. We need to grow, not least to satiate our Significance and Connection and Love needs. In the corporate and commercial world, if our businesses are not growing, they're dying. The same can be said of our hearts, minds and bodies also; use it or lose it. Have you ever achieved a material or physical goal (i.e.: new job, higher income, enhanced fitness level) and it's still not enough; something inside you still feels unfulfilled? Well, the higher purpose of growing is to...

6. Contribute Beyond Ourselves. We grow to ultimately give, to contribute beyond ourselves, because this is where true fulfillment is experienced; everything else is superficial. Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life, or accomplish for yourself, it's what you do for others that counts; help the people. May I direct your attention to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to name but one example to further validate this point; philanthropy and altruism serving it's highest purpose.

We all have these needs, but some of us may i.e.: have a stronger internal drive towards a Significance need, with barely a perceptible need to Contribute Beyond Ourselves, whilst the reverse may be true for others. So how would you stack your six human needs in order of personal priority for you? It's a question worth asking of yourself, because this insight will help you answer the title question, what is your motive for action?


Our biographies do not shape our destinies, our decisions shape our destinies. Do you allow your past to drive your present decisions? Are you repeating negative attitudes and patterns of behaviour because they feel comfortable, however unproductive or harmful they might be for you? Do you acquiesce to the succor of an excuse to keep you comfortable, rather than strive for growth at all costs? Are you motivated more by an option of inaction, than action?

It is easy and comfortable to cite a lack of i.e.: money, opportunity or appropriate technology as an excuse for inaction, or a limited success, but it's not the lack of these resources that's critical here, but rather the lack of resourcefulness. If you can acknowledge and engage your internal motivating drive, whilst fuelling it with emotion, you can achieve anything. If you're creative enough, innovative enough, persistent enough and work hard enough, you can find a way and get it done. People do what they want to do, the rest is just excuses.

I'm not suggesting that being cash strapped, having a limited network of contacts, or the appropriate technology isn't problematic – of course it is – but if you are suitably passionate, determined and creative enough, you will not allow these factors to stop you. There are three decisions we are each making every moment of our lives:

1. What will I choose to focus my time, attention and resources on? Bearing in mind that energy flows where attention goes, focus on what truly matters to you, on what you want. Are you merely repeating patterns from the past, are you mindfully living in the present moment, whilst preparing for the future you have visualised for yourself? Are your time, attention, energy and resources focused on you, or on others? Are you happy with your answers, or is it time for a change?

2. What does it mean? Do you feel in some way punished or rewarded by your circumstances? Is this the end, or can it be re-framed as a fresh beginning? Your thinking creates your reality, so change your thinking to change your reality. It's up to you, it's always up to you.

3. What am I going to do? Simply put, are you going to give up and quit, or are you going to move forwards towards Growth, applying your hard earned lessons in the process? What are you going to do? What is your motive for action?

Do you feel you could benefit from a little constructive conflict, where your thought processes, automatic reflexes and self-belief mechanisms are challenged for your ultimate growth and advantage? Would you like some help to uncover what your motive for action actually is?

Did you know you can claim your first hour-long, no obligation consultation for free simply by calling 01536 601749, emailing, or completing my handy Contact Form?


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