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You Can't Hold It Forever

Imagine yourself holding an ordinary glass of water in the air; how heavy is it? I know your answer is going to depend on how big the glass is, and how much water it's holding, but is it too heavy for you to lift? For the majority of us, no, it won't be.

In this instance, it doesn't matter what the combined weight of the glass and water is, what's important is how long you hold it for. If you hold the glass for one minute, it's not going to be a problem, but if you hold it aloft for an hour, your arm is going to ache. Hold that glass for a day and you will be in trouble. Whether you've held the glass for one minute or one day, the weight remains the same, but over time, the negligible weight becomes a heavy burden, and eventually you're going to be unable to keep going.

If you were to put the glass down for a while, rest and recover, you would be able to resume your glass lifting activities again, with renewed vim and vigor. When we're regularly refreshed we can carry burdens for prolonged periods of time, without it depleting our energy or reducing our efficiency. The same can be said for how you carry and hold on to stress and responsibility – put it down, you can’t hold it forever! You need regular quiet times, where you're able to slow down the mind and body, breathe, decompress and ultimately sleep soundly. You can always review what's stressing you later, but you'll have a rested mind, body and spirit in which to view it.

Be kind to yourself; would you treat your best friend the way you treat yourself? If your best friend spoke to you in the same manner you speak to you, how long would you remain friends? Be mindful of how well you treat your mind, body, energy and stress levels - you're the only one who can look after you!


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