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The Path Ahead Is Hard, But Clear

As salmon swim upstream, they repeatedly collide with obstacles in their path, until they find where the current is strongest. This stream is inevitably the hardest option for the salmon to take, but the way is clear.

The blocked pathways of our own lives can take any number of forms - whether it's avoiding love and friendship, a reluctance to confront conflict with others, or not living our lives to their fullest capacity - it is sometimes easier to throw ourselves continually against these blockages (hoping that something gives way), rather than take the hardest and clearest pathway.

We must follow the salmon's example of persistently swimming upwards and towards the unimpeded way and, when finding it, swimming harder to reach the destiny/destination. We must find it in our will and our soul to rise with every fall, however bruised, battered and exhausted we may feel. Our way depends not just on tackling obstacles head on, but in moving our whole selves through the experience.

Take 30 minutes for yourself today, or over the weekend, to breathe and just sit in the quiet. Acknowledge the mind chatter and promise to deal with each issue that arises later; but this time is for you now. Consider what obstacles you may be repeatedly throwing yourself against, and why? Continue to breathe and sit quietly. Wait and allow for the clarity to come to you, acknowledge what you must do and then resolve to do it.

For the rest of the day feel and see that your path is clear ahead of you - and hold this to mind from now on. You can manifest your new reality in this way.


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