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In this beautiful guided meditation, you are invited to follow me to the pond, which is so still and calm it looks like a mirror. Bathe in its healing essences to bring the soothing properties back with you into the real world.  


It's time to relax and decompress. It's time to reward your mind and body with this brief respite from the swirling world around you.


How much do you need a reset right now? Well, it's all here waiting for you to accept and enjoy; dive in.


Download once and listen forever.


All guided meditation downloads are non-returnable and non-refundable.

The Pond Guided Meditation

  • Artist: Karan Scott

    File Type: MP3

    File Size: 33.9MB

    Duration: 30 Minutes

    Sounds: Sands of Time - Ambient 432hz by Dream Protocol

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