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Slightly spiritual in nature, you will be transported to a peaceful place by angelic figures, and invited to piece together a jigsaw telling the story of your existence.


What will the jigsaw and the story of your existence look like? What images, colours, words and shapes will be included, and why? What will the finished article teach you, and how will it guide your desires and ambitions going forward?


Only you can learn the answers, and you can only learn them by adventuring inside. Are you feeling inquisitive? Would you care to join me?


Download once and listen forever.


All guided meditation downloads are non-returnable and non-refundable.

The Jigsaw Guided Meditation

  • Artist: Karan Scott

    File Type: MP3

    File Size: 32.8MB

    Duration: 27 Mins

    Sounds: Relax Chill Out by JuliusH

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