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Listen to this rhythmical navigation aboard the Sleepy Train, to help you reach a deep state of relaxation, before slipping blissfully into a sound whole night of slumber.


This is a journey in the middle of nowhere, where you're safe and free to recharge your mind, body and spirit. No one is going to trouble you here, no one can disturb you here, your peace is assured.


Relax as you slowly unwind, feeling the rhythm of carriage soothing your tired muscles, alleviating your joints and calming your mind; rocking you gently as you drift seamlessly into a peaceful sleep.


Download once and listen forever.


All guided meditation downloads are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Sleepy Train Ride Guided Meditation

  • Artist: Karan Scott

    File Type: MP3

    File Size: 27.3MB

    Duration: 25 Minutes

    Sounds: Rhythmic Meditation for Sleep by NaturesEye

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