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This is a guided meditation specifically for those with Aphantasia, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, but who are otherwise unable to visualise mental images, or to see things in their mind’s eye.


People with Aphantasia may also be unable to recall sounds, smells, sensation, or touch, and even if this condition is currently undiagnosed, this mediation is a wonderful way to meditate without the need for visualisation, as it will help you to tune into your body in the here and now, present moment, without having to tune into the mind’s eye.


All guided meditation downloads are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Non-Visualisation Guided Meditation for Aphantasia

  • Artist: Karan Scott

    File Type: MP3

    File Size: 29.2MB

    Duration: 22 Minutes

    Sounds: Healing Music by RelaxingTime

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