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With sounds recorded in the 432hz frequency, you cannot help but succumb to this deeply relaxing guided meditation, as I take you on a blissful journey to your spiritual home in Nirvana, where you can safely meet with your loved ones in Spirit.


No invitation is necessary, because this is your home, your space and your loved ones. Haven't you waited long enough to be reunited in their warm embrace of devotion for you? Well, the time is now, and you have arrived.


The world is full of peace and love, and it's emanating from right here, your spiritual home where your ancestors are waiting... and baking.


Download once and visit forever.


All guided meditation downloads are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Home Guided Meditation

  • Artist: Karan Scott

    File Type: MP3

    File Size: 26.2MB

    Duration: 25 Minutes

    Sounds: Resurrection - Ambient 432Hz by Dream Protocol

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