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How To Get What You Want

We all know what a powerful and effective tool visualisation can be in the manifestation of our dreams, ambitions and goals. With that in mind, I would like to offer you this visualisation - or full blown meditation if you prefer - to help you manifest what you want in 2016.

Having found yourself some quiet alone time, for a minimum of 20 minutes, close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a few moments. Focus only on each moment as you live it; nothing else. Acknowledge any mental "chatter", swipe it aside (as you would scroll through images on your phone), and promise to deal with it all once you have completed your quiet time. For now, this is all about you. This is your time.

When you are ready, I want you to visualise standing at the foot of a supermarket aisle, with shelving either side of you, whilst you are pushing a trolley. This can be a supermarket you actually visit, or it can be a magical/spiritual supermarket; all white and crisp and beautifully peaceful. You can have as many aisles as you like, or one long aisle, just long enough to accommodate all that you're looking for. It really is up to you; whatever works for you. You create your reality.

For the time being, you are entirely alone in your supermarket and you feel calm, serene and completely safe. You begin walking up the aisle, pushing your trolley and selecting, or re-selecting, items from the shelves. Now, there are a couple of points to make here. The "items" you select can be absolutely anything, money and miracles no object. Your items can be material objects, experiences, feelings, people/children, abundance, health, special events, success - anything.

What items are you looking at? What items, if any, do you consider before opting for an alternative? Are there any items that push themselves towards you on the shelf, or fall into your trolley by themselves? Is there anything you are looking for in particular? Do you find it? Is it exactly what you want it to be? If what you are looking at isn't precisely what you want, put it back on the shelf and continue looking. You will find exactly what you're looking for, so long as you don't settle for second best, or compromise in any way. Remember, this is your time to manifest what you truly want, so focus on what you truly want.

As you're shopping, does anyone join you on your trip? Does anyone walk past you, or talk to you? Do you ask anyone for assistance? If so, do you know this person/these people? What, if anything, do they say to you? How does them being there prove helpful or instructive to you? How does them being there add value to this experience

Once you have finished your shopping (perhaps you have walked all around the supermarket, or you have come to the end of your singular aisle), what "items" do you have in your trolley? Are you happy with your selections? Did you find everything you were looking for? Should you feel at any point that you have forgotten something, or something in your trolley is not quite right, or you have changed your mind in some way, you are free to peruse the shelves again, for as long as it takes to get everything precisely as you want it.

There is no reason why you could not "go shopping" every week, to help you visualise and manifest your weekly goals, exactly as you would the food shopping. This is your time and space, and you can return here as often as you want to, there are no limits. May I suggest though that you keep a journal of all the things you experience whilst shopping, each and every time, as you may find it insightful in the months to come how these experiences change, as you become more proficient?

As soon as you are satisfied with all that you have acquired, take your items with you as you begin your journey back to the seat in which you sit. Once the items are packed, you have committed to taking them with you, where they will remain for as long as you want them. You can always obtain free exchanges, upgrades or updates at any time, should circumstances change; there is no risk whatsoever in your chosen selections. This is life as you want to live it, and it's as easy as you allow it to be.

Walk out of the supermarket, with your items, and take a short walk to your home, and the the chair in which you sit. The items are weightless and follow along beside you, so you experience no struggle at all; it really is all a joy. Walk into your home, sit in the chair where you are, and bring your awareness slowly and gently back into the room you're in. If it helps, count backwards from 3 to 1, wiggling your fingers and toes to aid your awareness and alertness. Have a drink of water and review how you feel, and what you have just accomplished, before writing it all down.

If you would like a PDF copy of this visualisation, please email me at and I will be happy to ping one over to you, with my compliments.

If you have enjoyed this visualisation, why not do it some more? Meditation is like breaking out of a personal prison and finding paradise.

I hope you have enjoyed your shopping trip and that 2016 is truly the time of your life!

Happy New Year!

Karan x


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