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Karan Scott Coaching | 1-2-1 LinkedIn Training

Does LinkedIn leave you feeling perplexed and bewildered?

Do you understand why a fully optimised LinkedIn profile is important to you?

Would you like some 1-2-1 personal coaching to learn more about it and actually get your profile working for you?

Why A LinkedIn Profile Is Essential

Whether you're employed, a self-employed sole trader, a serial entrepreneur, a Universe-denting Super-Achiever, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, or even the former President of the United States of America, having a LinkedIn profile is essential because:

  • LinkedIn is a vast professional network of opportunity with millions of members. If you are employed, or in business, it is assumed you will have a profile. A failure to have a LinkedIn profile could harm your professional credibility, and it will definitely be a huge wasted opportunity.​

  • You can have a personal profile, detailing your own employment history and experience, in addition to a company profile, should you be in business. This is all linked to Google, so if you have a website or online presence, it'll significantly aid your SEO, and increase your Google search ranking. 

  • Entrepreneurs, employment agencies and businesses search for people with your experience on LinkedIn, whatever line of work you're in. Who knows what amazing opportunities and adventures you're missing out on, just because you can't currently speak LinkedIn-ese.

  • LinkedIn is free to set-up and use (although you can decide to pay and upgrade your membership for increased data, visibility and functionality), and you can amend your profile as often as necessary. An outdated and visibly neglected profile screams negative volumes about you.

  • There are forums, articles and all sorts of great, free resources available on LinkedIn that you just won't find on Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn is the grown up social media platform, where the serious business and networking is done. 

Remember, the opposite of networking is not working

More Information About Your Training

  • The usual price for this training is £299, but I am offering it to you today for £175.

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